There Is No Here, Here


A live music video reality, questioning our digital realities, live on stage.


A musician is performing in a multi-cam green-screen setup, next to a large cinema screen. The person is performing, creating and editing his reality in realtime. As an audience we can always see the green screen, we understand the “tricks”, we all have simultaneous internal director’s commentary.

But we consistently choose to watch the edited, filtered reality.

Bergen, 11. desember 2015: Bergen Elektroniske Kunstsenter feirer 15 års jubileum på Landmark. Foto: Eivind Senneset


The performance explores the realities, possibilities and visions of ourselves as modern digital personas and profiles. It questions how this constant and endless editing of reality affects us, as individuals, as relationships, as society. Is social media and digital technology enabling or disabling us? How do we separate between real and fake, when everything can always be edited? And does it even matter… since we can always undo?

GMM NHH Web 5The title “There Is No Here, Here” is an contemporary upgrade of “there is no there, there” quote, originating from Gertrude Stein in her autobiography describing her childhood place. The quote was given a second meaning by William Gibson, using the exact same phrase as a description of the first cyberspace, The Matrix, in his novel Neuromancer (1984).

We are in Gibson’s futures now. We live our personal matrixes. We brand our fragmented attention is as “multitasking”, our digital clones perform “us” in echo chambers of social profiles, algorithms decide for us, user experience design comforts us, deep networks learns for us, mobile cameras remember for us, motion chips doctors us. The network is always with us and we’re always somewhere else.

“There Is No Here, Here” springs from Gibson’s dystopian futures of lonely hackers, struggling alone in multiple realities. It’s not fiction any more.

Production partners

The project is produced through artist’s company Uncanny Planet, with current co-producers:

Premiere is set for spring season 2017, programmed by BIT Teatergarasjen. A pre-premiere pitch will be shown at Octoberdance 2016.

Project personel

Gisle Martens Meyer (artist), performer, composer, visuals, editor
Lars Ove Toft (Bergen Center Electronic Arts), advisor
Stephan Schwarz (Tanzhaus NRW), co-producer, dramaturgy, advisor
Sven Åge Birkeland (BIT Teatergaragen), dramaturgy, co-producer, advisor
Per Mygland (Music Arts Drama Entertainment), management/advisor

Visual prototypes, pre-prod stills


GMM NHH Web 3 GMM NHH Web 4GMM NHH Web 6 GMM NHH Web 7 GMM NHH Web 8 GMM NHH Web 11 GMM NHH Web 12 GMM NHH Web 13


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