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0 Tractor Symphony

Bygdalarm, 2010 For the Bygdalarm festival I composed and produced a performance where all sounds came from, and was performed by a rusty old Volkswagen Transporter and a hyper modern John Deer tractor. I built a complex orchestra of instruments, where every sound originated from the vehicles, and then performed this together…

0 NRK Kometkameratene

Kometkameratene was a sci-fi puppet series for kids, produced by national broadcaster NRK, running for seasons 2008, 2009 and 2010. Together with composer Sjur Hjeltnes I developed all the music, which included a complete musical profile, main theme, 40 songs, musical library and a multitude of cues and edits. I…

0 BEK Signatur

BEK / Bergen Kommune, 2010 Signatur was a media workshop for youths, administered by BEK and managed by Maria Oy Lojo. I was a guest instructor and collaborator for the spring semester. We investigated sampling, remixing, composing and performing electronic music, working towards setting up a final live performance. There is a bunch…

0 Ugress Live – Coffee Shop Series

Through 2009 and 2010 I had a somewhat regular live show series at Kafe Edvard, Bergen. The place is a coffee shop by day and intimate bar/club venue at night. For the series I’ve performed live with several of my artist projects, but mostly Ugress. The series has been a…

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