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0 Ugress Live – Coffee Shop Series

Through 2009 and 2010 I had a somewhat regular live show series at Kafe Edvard, Bergen. The place is a coffee shop by day and intimate bar/club venue at night. For the series I’ve performed live with several of my artist projects, but mostly Ugress. The series has been a…

0 NRK Brennpunkt

Brennpunkt is a documentary program on Norwegian national broadcaster NRK. I did the music (main theme, bumpers, credits) for Brennpunkt seasons 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. You can catch a glimpse of the opening titles in my showreel, after 20 seconds or so.

0 The Understanding

Siri Ekker Svendsen, 2010 The Understanding is a video artwork by Norwegian artist Siri Ekker Svendsen, exhibited at Høstutstillingen 2008. For this work I did sound design, and have also done sound and music for a few other of Ekker Svendsen’s videos. More information available at her website.

0 Perfect Moment Soundtracks

Nuit De La Glisse, 2004-2006 “Perfect Moment” is a French feature documentary series, following the best extreme sports athletes around the globe, hunting for the “perfect moment”. I wrote and produced the music for the 2005 release The Contact, and the follow up The Ultimate in 2006. The films are…

0 Ugress vs Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, 2003 Summer of 2003 a selection of Norwegian bands was invited to perform their music accompanied by Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Ugress being one of them. Together with 105 classical musicians Ugress performed music from the Resound debut album, including Trigger 22, Reason To Believe, and Deceptions featuring…

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