The Passion Of Joan Of Arc (2004 version)

The live soundtrack to silent film classic The Passion Of Joan Of Arc was first released in 2004, consisting of tracks taken from the 2003 premiere version. The music for the film is part composed with interactive segments sequenced live, and part improvised to each performance. Every few years the composed parts are developed and adjusted in relation to how I also develop as an improviser, and how my instruments and processes are shifting. The score is “alive”, both in the sense that the underlying composition changes and every performance has different instrumentation.

So over a period of 15 years, the score has evolved through many performances, and in 2020 I choose to record and publish another “official” album. It is interesting to compare them. I’m curious what a 2036 version will sound like. You can still grab the first 2004 version here below, in lossless wav or 320 kbps mp3: