Sound Of Hardanger – Expedition Performance



A mad hybrid of David Attenborough and Indiana Jones reports in video-game style on his incredible musical findings within the sounds of Norwegian fjord region Hardanger. The performance is part of the 2014 Norwegian Constitutional Anniversary, and is shown at Oslo Konserthus March 29th, 2014.

The mad explorer reports finding peculiar sounds and turns everything into a musical performance, finally uncovering the ultimate Hardanger sound. Using “British Explorer” narrative setup, video-game HUD aesthetics on a dual projection setup. The performance was flanked by two online video releases, Expedition Report uncovering the voyage behind the sounds and Research Report, going into more detail where each sound comes from.

H14-Still01 H14-Still02 H14-Still05 H14-Still06 H14-Still07 H14-Still08




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