ROMA 2089 – Performance in Rome, June 24th


Draculus Moria Promo 720

Rome, 2089. A new sonic universe, a lonely vampire, a pacifist gladiatrix, wild hanniphants.

Singing water fountains, metro tunnel choirs, glitchy trams, screaming bikes, lipstick clouds, auto-tuned hairdressers, distant cannons… The everyday sounds of Rome of 2014 becomes a musical expedition into a ficitional future Rome of 2089. A lonely vampire roams the empty streets, secretly in love. A gladiatrix fights to keep her sister out of human trafficking. Noisy grafitti trashes with ancient statues and modern street-art.


Norwegian composer Gisle Martens Meyer presents his work from a month’s residency at Circolo Scandinavo in Rome, Italy. He records mundane and peculiar sounds from the city, turning them into expressive musical instruments. Using this “sonic orchestra” of Rome, he reveals a story of love, loneliness and survival in a strange, but recognizable city.

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Sound, music, live visual graphics. Expected duration 30 minutes, free entrace, simple refreshments. The artist presents his work and methods before the performance, and there is an open dialogue after the show.

  • ROMA 2089
  • Circolo Scandinavo, Via Della Lungara 231, 00165 Rome (map)
  • Tuesday, June 24th, at 21:00
  • Expected duration 30 minutes
  • Free entrance, simple refreshments
  • Facebook Event





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