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Oppdrag Nansen – Expedition to investigate climate change.

Norwegian National Broadcasting are sending four teenagers on expedition to the Arctic, to research, investigate and document what’s happening in these harsh – but fragile – ecosystems, now with our changing climate. Through research ships, Svalbard visits, and finally reaching the North pole four kids will learn whats happening to our planet. But the real goal is the 2015 UN Climate Conference in Paris, in December. There the kids will present their results to the world’s leaders.


The producer asked me if I wanted to write the music. Of course, since I’m a famous expert on the arctic and difficult travels. As a kid I was fascinated with the first expeditions to the polar regions  and read everything I could find about Nansen, Peary, Amundsen, Scott, Shackleton. These übermen travelled to the end of the earth with 100 year old skis and no gluten free products. And then there is me, still breaking down to cry when mittens are going on the wrong side of my sleeves, and who still can’t figure out which kind of candle wax to make my sledge go faster downhill.

Now the poles are no longer the end of the earth. But maybe the climate is. This is an important expedition. These kids are epic.

Oppdrag Nansen team kayak

The production and editing has started, the kids are already heading north. I’ve started getting into the project, working on the music, but main production effort for me will run this summer after first edits takes place. Broadcast autumn 2015 and spring 2016.


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