Music for Häxan, silent docu-horror


haxan-1024I am commissioned by Cinemateket USF to create and perform new music to Häxan, premiering November 29th 2015.

Häxan is a Swedish-Danish silent docu-horror from 1922, directed by Benjamin Christensen. It is based on Malleus Maleficarum, a German document from 1486 who guides contemporary inquisitors and prosecutors in the subject of witchcraft.

häxan--witchcraft-through-the-ages-(1922)-large-pictureThe film was at the time the most expensive feature of Nordic silent film production, with an episodic format, incredible set-design, inventive new kinds of animation, style and strong visual imagery – too strong for continental distribution at the time. Häxan is one of the first films combining fact-based documentary with highly graphical drama and story-telling to communicate a theme.

Premiere is set to November 29th, 2015. Facebook event, more details for performance available closer to this date.


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