“No Here, Here” at TechnArte, Bilbao 2017



I’m presenting and performing a new version of “There Is No Here, Here” at TechnArte, Bilbao, Spain, on May 11th and 12th 2017.

TechnArte is an international conference on the fusion of technology and art, gathering artists and professionals from the world of art, technology and science, who “attend annually in order to discover and share the most innovative works and artistic projects that use technology as a primary tool of creation”.

This performance of “There Is No Here, Here” will be a slightly shorter version of the full performance, but will feature an extended artist after-talk, where I will explain the background and concept, and then reflect upon the challenges, oservations and experiences I gained from creating and performing the project.

My performance is on May 11th but I will be attending the whole conference, very much looking forward to the super exciting programme.


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