Scholarship awarded to create “Skugghug”


I’ve been awarded a one-year scholarship from Komponistenes Vederlagsfond (Composers Renumeration Fund) to create Skugghug (old norse for “to remember shadows”).

The work will be based on the sound of extinction, and will through extensive sampling convey the hidden music in all that we loose. The sound of endangered species dying out, forests disappearing through climate change, small family farms ovetaken by wilderness, melting glaciers, oceans that drown in plastic. Cultures, ideas, stories. Everything we so easily discard in our restless consumption towards something new, more and better – what music exists in all we loose?

The work will be developed in multiple smaller segments in the similar vein of Atrophy In The Key Of Dreaming Books: A song, a music video and a smaller performance that presents and explores a specific endagered phenomena, and then in the end all these “episodes” will be combined to create a longer musical work with a large stage production.



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