Filmen Om Pushwagner



Production: Indiefilm / Directors: Even Benestad og August Hansen, 2011

Soundtrack to the documentary “Filmen om Pushwagner“, a documentary about celebrated norwegian artist Hariton Pushwagner, and his dramatic life. The film is directed by Even G. Benestad and August B. Hanssen. Teaser trailers at Youtube.

The documentary uses a lot of music from almost all of my artists projects: Ugress, Shadow Of The Beat, Nebular Spool and Ninja 9000. I did not write completely new music for the film, but I have done some editing and structuring for some of the tracks, to make them fit scenes and situations better.

The soundtrack is now available everywhere, for streaming at Soundcloud, in Spotify, in Wimp, download in iTunes or any other digital service, or grab it directly from the Ugress store, including lossless versions.


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