Work In Progress: Portal (2014)



Portal is a contemporary dance performance, by Nuria and GMM, premiering at Oktoberdans, Bergen autumn 2014. Development started in Montemor-O-Novo, Portugal 2013, continued in Graner, Barcelona. We will continue working in Portugal and Norway towards premiere in October.

In science fiction a portal is a gateway to another world of the past, present, future, or to an expanded awareness, on the internet a gateway to content. Media images, the internet, computer games, and virtual worlds are taking people out of the real world more often and for longer periods of time than ever before. As a result, their connection with the real world becomes blurred with the unreal as well as the connection between body, mind and space. In the performance will play with the idea of traveling through portals to reflect the impact mass media has on our identity as well as the influence it has on our perception of reality.

Portal01 Portal02-500px Portal02 Portal03-500px Portal03 Portal04


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