Rome, day 12. We have elephants.



Back in Rome, it’s the 12th day of the residency. Got elephants.

It’s not raining. The table is wet because I had a bucket of water on top of it, with a submerged GoPro.


Then I added a drifting elephant, and tons of tissue paper, effectively clouding and darkening the image. The resulting video is actually a bit poetic. But I reverse it, manipulate the playback speed in jerky movements and then it looks rather uncanny.

This will somehow be used in the final work, as part of a montage, still working on compositing and speed. Here’s just some screenshots of the elephant going for a swim with tissues.

Underwater GoPro Test Blue 2 Underwater GoPro Test Blue 1 Underwater GoPro Test Blue 0 Underwater GoPro Test Blue 3

Big chunk of the day went to this. Took much longer than I expected, had to do multiple takes before I found the right rhythm of floating elephant, adding crumbled papers, how to create the right kind of mess.

Other notable events of the day was a bike trip in the early morning by the coast, a spectacularly un-eventful train ride back to Rome, running errands with the tram to get buckets and elephants, and a very good strategy meeting with the administrator of the house regarding some of my more … ahem … “challenging” ideas.

Oh, here’s a picture of me checking bucket depth and framing in the hypermarket.



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