Rome, day 14. Office, research, coffee, rain, cannon.



Two weeks gone already. It’s a stormy, rainy Sunday in Rome so made sense to stay in, work the laptop, edit, organize and structure things. This is not a terribly interesting report, with marvellous sunrises and wild animals or dangerous expeditions, but this kind of work is important too, so I’m reporting it anyway. Oh I can promise there will be notes on elephants and mention of human sacrifices.

This is where I spent the day. Or where I spend a lot of time really but today was all here.

IMG_4807 (1)

I have a lot of notes, sketches, recordings, edits, try-outs, images, ideas. Looked through everything and loosely organized it by concepts and ideas. Papers, Evernotes, projects, files, images, sounds.


Cleaned up projects, folders, put things into boxes, both physical and digital. Killed all render files for ideas that are trashed.  Took backup of everything. Polished the elephants. Look! How happy they are!


Reviewed and listened through everything so far, made some notes what to continue with, and what to kill. Made plans for what to work on this week. Did some research on Etruscan culture and language. They sacrificed humans. Oooh. Research on Mussolini and contemporary Italian politics. The north/south divide. Only went out for a quick walk at noon to record the daily cannon shot, which I record every day from a different location in the city. Record, BAMMmmm, stop.

Answered critical emails. Updated calendars and schedules. Wrote this report.

Oh and some great news! Staying in for a day, guess who takes the lead for the coffee machine in the kitchen! Ta-daa!


Now there is a Grieg concert  here in the villa, and then we might head out to a contemporary performance festival later, if the rain lets up.



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