Rome, day 15. Draculus Glitchdrift Experiment.


Put together a video experiment using footage, editing and instruments created over the last few days. Wanted to see how the various things could (or could not) work together. I’m no longer just collecting or observing, have started composing and compositing.

The character idea doesn’t work perfectly yet, have some notes on what to change, both in filming and editing. But I have to try out things to find out what it should be at the end, the material I find and use shapes the end result.

Trying here with a collage of various instruments; the fans from Botanical Gardens, a mechanical device at the Maxxi Museum, and some of the drinking fountains provide the darker, blurry drone layers. Arriving Metro pad-sounds provide the chords. The tiny glitch sounds are actually that, there was a broken light panel in one of the trams the other day, I recorded that and cut it up into tiny microsounds so I could recreate and play each single glitch as I wanted. Then finally I added the broken bike as a signal sound whenever Draculus is present.

The texture sounds OK but I’m not satisfied, will just keep working. Worthwile experiment though, learned a lot.


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