Video report: Body Without Brain, Darmstadt 2015


Two-minute video report of my work on Body Without Brain, a performance with Indonesian choreographer Rianto. We just spent two weeks working at Staatstheater Darmstadt in Hessen, Germany.

In this video I explain how I’m using internal body sounds as the source material for all sounds and music, generating realtime digital instruments that I’m performing, and a responsive, interactive stage where Rianto also “performs” his own body sounds.

The music – all instruments, patterns, rhythms, harmonies and melodies are also taken from inside the body, but the state of the music is very much work-in-progress. At the moment we are mostly building libraries of sounds, figuring out which sources work, what the textures are like, how they should respond as instruments, how to turn them into usable musical tools.

The next scheduled residency is at deSingel, Antwerp, early 2016, where my main focus will be extending the sounds, researching bodysounds in different mental states, and generating the music.


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