Oslo European Green Capital 2019 – “The Sound Of Oslo”


“The Sound Of Oslo” is a audio-visual musical work created for Oslo European Green Capital in 2019. The work was presented as widescreen video montage with surround sound during the opening ceremony in Rådhushallen, and as a surround sound installation at Salt Festival Area during the opening weekend.

The work was created from hundreds of sound recordings from the every day life in a city aware of ecological and sustainable responsibility. Trash sorting robots, recycling stations, repurposed buildings to vertical hydroponic farms, bicycle infrastructure, clothing re-design workshops, coffee grit recycled to mushroom farms… but also the hustle and bustle of everyday human life in this context; what is the sound of human behaviour in a environmentally aware city?

The work was produced by Gyro for Oslo European Green Capital 2019. Sound recordings were made in Oslo November, the musical work was composed and produced in December 2018, with premiere early January 2018. Video was created and edited by Gyro.



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