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0 Music for Sony’s Little Big Planet 3

Sony’s Little Big Planet 3 for the Playstion 4 is out today, Nov 18th. The game was developed by Sumo Digital in the UK. I was commisioned to create music for one of the levels, the “old-skool russian steampunk” space-rocket level. The score is dynamically mixed and structured by the game engine depending on…

0 Portal – Premiere Oktoberdans, Oct 20th

Portal, a dance performance by Nuria Guiu with live music by GMM, premieres October 20th at Oktoberdans. A portal is a doorway – to past, present or future worlds – to different realities – to different versions of ourselves. Portal revolves around the themes in Douglas Rushkoff’s book Present Shock: When Everything Happens…

0 Ugress and ROMA 2089 – Live at the MarteLIVE Biennale, Roma

Performing two live shows at the MarteLIVE Biennale festival this week, in Rome. The performances are part of the Nordic Landscapes programme at the Pelanda Factory, attached to the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Arts. ROMA 2089 is a 30 minute musical work that uses sounds, graphics and video from Roma city…

0 ROMA 2089 – Performance in Rome, June 24th

Rome, 2089. A new sonic universe, a lonely vampire, a pacifist gladiatrix, wild hanniphants. Singing water fountains, metro tunnel choirs, glitchy trams, screaming bikes, lipstick clouds, auto-tuned hairdressers, distant cannons… The everyday sounds of Rome of 2014 becomes a musical expedition into a ficitional future Rome of 2089. A lonely…

0 Residency at Circolo Scandinavo, June 2014

I’m staying in Rome, Italy for all of June, through a residency at Circolo Scandinavo. Through the stay I will create a work, the process is documented with daily notes in the blog. Rome was a beautiful, post-apolyptic ruin already centuries ago. Way before it was cool. This is going to be awesome.

0 Ugress Kids at J. G. Ballard sci-fi festival, Oslo

Only Connect is a sci-fi music festival in Oslo inspired by the ideas and the universe of the influential British author J.G. Ballard. This year’s festival is dedicated to Jon Bing (1944-2014), author, professor and science fiction enthusiast who got J.G. Ballard translated to Norwegian. Mr Bing was instrumental in creating this years festival but…

0 Report from Lisbon, March 2014

A one minute music and video report from work with Gui Garrido in Lisbon, march 2014. We’re working on a project for 2015, with the theme of realtime music videos. Recreating the ever-changing Youtubian music video experience, but live on a stage, with ourselves as the performing band and the Youtube video-makers at the…

0 Sound Of Hardanger – Expedition Performance

A mad hybrid of David Attenborough and Indiana Jones reports in video-game style on his incredible musical findings within the sounds of Norwegian fjord region Hardanger. The performance is part of the 2014 Norwegian Constitutional Anniversary, and is shown at Oslo Konserthus March 29th, 2014. The mad explorer reports finding…

0 Swarms Of Ghost Clones

I’m comissioned to create a work for Norwegian contemporary music ensemble BIT20. Premiere is set for spring 2015. Work will take place through 2014 in public, the first tryout Swarms Of Ghost Clones is at the BITLounge part of BIT20’s Secret Theatres at Bergen Kjøtt on January 18th.

0 Nebular Spool – Strømløs

The dead comes down with the rain. Nebular Spool is post-apocalyptic, dystopic music from a broken future. A lone individual is trying to figure out what has happened. Strømløs is the fourth release from this dark, ambient side-project from Ugress. Download in HD from Bandcamp, or listen in Spotify, Wimp, iTunes, Amazon. Production notes, location photos.

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